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I had always wondered why the  Monagram model had 442 emblems on the front fender and the 1/4 panel.

  This is not a very clear picture of the emblems on the side of the car but it does have the 442 emblems  front and rear.  My guess after looking at all of the pictures I have, is that Hurst just put on a new front clip to update it to a 67. I know the car was lowered a bit  the reason for the enlarged wheel openings. Hurst did not even change the 66 trunk mldg. For 67 the windows were taken out and the Hilborn bug catcher  scoop was turn forward. The cars cooling system  was changed from using the frame  to a tank on the firewall. A bar was added behind the seat that ran frm side to side. In all of the pictures I've seen of the 67 car  it never had center caps on the rims.













This is the last run for the Hairy olds as it hit a cable in Niagra in 67 after the front motor cut out. You can see the damage to the front end.

After this accident the car was trucked back to Michigan. I have been told that the cars drivetrains were pulled
and the body was hauled off for scrap not cut up and buried in the desert as the legend goes.


I have this unopened original issue model of the car signed by some of the people that had dealings with the car.