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 Al Sharp cast these parts for Oldsmobile motors in 1965 and these were used on the Hurst Hairy Olds, Tony Nancys Wedge, The Terrifying Toronado and the Lutz n Lundberg 442 Much just to name a few. I only know of  7  intake manifolds to exist and 2 timing covers. I own the only two valve covers that I've ever seen and they came off the Hurst Hairy Olds along with the manifold I own.


                                                          Reproduction Sharp Valve Covers
 These were reproduced from an original set of covers that were used on the Hurst Hairy Olds. 

The two valve covers shown how you can order them with the oil fill open or closed.

I also supply the oil fill cap which is o-ringed. D-type stock grommet will fit in the threaded hole

to accept a breather or pcv valve.


$325.00 per set

Caps are $25.00 ea
Supply is limited     Made in the USA





                                      Reproduction Sharp Timing covers

These timing covers are manufactured without the crank or fuel pump openings so the customer can

decide what type of balancer or crankdrive seal size they will be using. Also if the customer is using a

cam driven type fuel pump. These covers will not accept a Oldsmobile style waterpump but a electric

pump will clear the fuel pump boss.

The cover in the middle is an original from I believe to be from the  Terrifying Toronado.

$230.00 plus shipping                       Supply is limited                       Made in the USA